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​연세대 작곡과 졸업

Music Director, composer

-오살 (误杀, Sheep Without a Shepherd)2019 중국개봉

-드라마 (composer)

The Little Drummer Girl(BBC 방영,2018)OST

-영화 (composer)

택시운전사(A Taxi Driver, 2017)OST

내부자들(Inside Men, 2015)OST

아가씨 (The Handmaiden,2016)OST

대호 The Tiger (2015)OST
무뢰한(The Shameless, 2014)OST
뷰티인사이드(The Beauty Inside, 2015)OST
특종:량첸살인기(The Exclusive : Beat the Devil's Tattoo, 2015)OST

강남1970(Gangnam Blues, 2014)OST
내부자들:디 오리지널(2015)OST
고산자(The Map Against the World, 2016)OST
판도라(Pandora, 2016)OST
루시드드림(Lucid Dream, 2016)OST
싱글라이더(A single rider, 2016)OST
보안관(The Sheriff in Town, 2016)OST
공작(The Spy Gone North, 2018)OST
마약왕(DRUG KING, 2018)OST

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